What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is the ability to transform data into information, and information into knowledge, throughout the data lifecycle, in order to optimize the decision support process in business.

Business Intelligence is a strategic planning factor for companies and organizations, generating a potential competitive advantage by providing privileged information for responding to business challenges, such as entering new markets, product offers or promotions, eliminating islands of information, financial controls, streamlining costs, production planning, customer profile analysis, product profitability, etc.

How does it work?

Ansbad uses an integrated Business Intelligence process, involving a set of methodologies, applications, and technologies for collecting, refining, and transforming data from structured information and transactional systems (internal and external to the company) into structured information that can be directly used (for reporting, OLTP/OLAP analysis, alerts, etc.), analyzed, or converted into knowledge, thereby providing decision support for strategic planning.

If the strategic plan to be implemented requires it, Ansbad may use external resources (social networks, blogs, gauges, etc.), from which data can be extracted and managed using Big Data solutions, providing added value to complement and reinforce its BI. This provides strategic information that gives us a 360° vision of the business and its customers.

Ansbad divides this process into four phases, which complement one another to optimize the Strategic Plan and implement Business Intelligence according to the actual needs of the business:


  1. Strategic Phase.
  2. Tactical Phase.
  3. Data Management Phase.
  4. Operational Phase.


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