The cloud computing and hosting/housing solutions we offer are designed to protect your company’s data, the most crucial part of a business. After all, partial or total loss of this data can grind operations to a halt, meaning a loss of control in your business.

With cloud platforms and all the guarantees provided by the datacenter, your data is always safe and available, unaffected by possible incidents that may occur in your local network, providing 24/7 business continuity for your company 365 days per year.

The datacenters through which we offer our services adhere to all safety protocols and measures, including:

  • Guaranteed bandwidth (with surge absorption) for network connections and an alternative connectivity provider.
  • Diagram of key elements in the rooms.
  • 24/7 monitoring with alert tracking and incident resolution within less than 4 hours.
  • Access control to the rooms, remote surveillance, fire control, monitored air conditioning, and a humidity control system.
  • Guaranteed computer security through special updated filters.
  • Guaranteed maximum confidentiality of stored data, through encryption.
  • UPS with 2-3 hours of battery life before the batteries automatically activate a diesel generator (rechargeable) with 48 hours of battery life.
  • Autonomous system security backups (email backup, database, webpage content, etc.), stored in a fire-resistant safe, Firewall, and of all incoming and outgoing traffic.

1. Cloud computing for an immediate future

Our cloud computing solution is new with respect to the conventional cloud, primarily because we use the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), through the Citrix environment, making it more powerful than other cloud computing solutions.

The cloud computing solution is comprised mainly of Windows virtual desktops for professional use, allowing the company to put their IT in the cloud and the user to work from anywhere as if they were in the office.

The virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI) is located in our datacenter and can be accessed securely through the Internet.

Benefits of the cloud with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

There are many benefits of the private/public cloud virtual desktop solution, but we believe that the following features are key to your needs:

a) With a private cloud virtual desktop, access is available from anywhere and any device


(PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.) with a simple Internet connection (3G or ADSL) to access all of the company’s applications and programs.


b ) With a private/public cloud, your computing is centralized with fewer incidents.

Es un nuevo paradigma en la gestión de la informática que separa las máquinas físicas de las virtuales. Éstas pueden gestionarse mediante un panel de control (VDI Manager) que permite:

This is a new paradigm for handling computing that separates physical machines from virtual ones. These can be managed through a control panel (VDI Manager) that can:

>   Unify the general management of the computing by providing control of servers and virtual desktops.

>   Reduce incidents by more than 70% to eliminate software and capacity issues.

>   Benefit from a scalable model, where an increase in users does not require an increase in staff resources.

>   Centralize services: antivirus, backup, email, folders, permissions, programs, etc. are all in the same service, which simplifies control and management.

c) With private cloud computing, there is more security and incident protection.


>   With all company documents being encrypted, thereby improving security.

>   With periodic security backups under the LOPD (Spanish data protection law), protecting your information after any incident in the offices, such as theft, fire, breakdown or human error.

d) With virtual desktops (VDIs), you will have

>   Teams who respond rapidly.

>   Periodic backups of the system and documents.

>   Data encryption without the need for VPNs.

>   Immediate data availability in the event of a disaster or loss.

>   Greater control of machines: easy limitation of access and resources.

>   Antivirus included.

>   Firewall.

e ) With cloud virtual desktop, you enjoy greater productivity.


Maximize productivity in your day-to-day work processes, with the ability to share applications and documents without needing to send anything or go through intermediaries: reports, orders, stock queries, sales documents and presentations, updated pricing, etc.

f ) Cloud is more economical and requires no initial investment.


You simply need your current or basic low-cost desktop computers and an Internet connection. With no initial investment or minimum connection time, you pay only for the direct use of space for data and a number of users.

g) With a private cloud, you have total flexibility


You can add offices or users without having to add infrastructure or new configurations or installations, thereby optimizing your IT resources based on the size of your company at any given time.

2. Hosting/housing solution for hosting your company’s services

Our tailored hosting/housing solution provides you with your own host to offer the services you want, such as hosting your webpage, your ERP program, database, email, etc. for global use.

The hosting/housing service lets you host your crucial services externally so that you can access them 24 hours per day, without worrying about possible incidents that could occur within the local infrastructure.


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